Monday, June 26, 2006

Caption Contest #56

"We're brain surgeons, not rocket scientists."

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Benjamin Feldman said...

Being that lazy sort of fellow, I am doing an omnibus comment (cum thanks for including my blog on your recommended links list!). Having not found rhoticity in my desk dictionary, nor in, I was at a loss. Mirabile dictu: all I had to do (and did) was to read further in your June posts and I was rewarded ! Many thanks for your observations on so many things, my favorites being the "intrusive r" and the enlargement of the jalopy on the back of th eold $10 bill. The flivver looks like an R. Crumb version of a car, for my two cents. You've inspired me to post something I wrote many years ago about currency and coin and the (in my opinion) unfortunate introduction of the Euro. Watch for further results. But be patient !