Sunday, May 07, 2006

Stupifany #2

The title and refrain of Madonna's 1986 hit "Papa Don't Preach" is in the imperative mood, not the indicative. That is, "Papa, don't preach." And I never realized that until this morning.

(What's a stupifany?)


argotnaut said...

1986? Oh my God. I am so old.

And I really can't believe you just realized that. :)

Queenie said...

i always kind of wondered if it wasn't supposed to be ambiguous, as in: "i'm from detroit and look how tough i am, i extend 'don't' to 3rd singular, but really it's only the imperative, and i speak standard english afterall". i am clearly overanalyzing.

Ben said...

Argotnaut -

Sorry to make you feel old. My little birthday present.:)

Queenie -

I think I unconsciously applied the overanalysis you detailed above, which is why I had originally parsed it as I did. Wait, can one overanalyze something unconsciously?

For the record, "Papa Don't Preach" was written by Brian Elliot, who I could find out very little about, other than that he made an album of smooth Jazzy pop in 1978, samples of which you can hear here. Solid songwriting hampered by cheesy dated production, from what I can tell, reminiscent of my word verification word MSFGY, the famous Philly Soul group.