Thursday, March 30, 2006

Billy Preston & God

A while back I posted about my new hero, the songwriter and keyboardist Billy Preston. Back then I wasn't as web-savvy. What's more, lo, these last five months, the amount of streaming music and video on the web has increased exponentially (okay, perhaps not that much, but try to prove me wrong). Anyways, back then you had to take my word for it that Billy Preston was worthy of worship. Now I can prove it. Check out the following clip from George Harrison's fabled Concert for Bangladesh. Watch it all the way through, if you've got time and patience for it:
Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It
Now that's an amazing performance, you must admit, even if gospel-infused R&B isn't your cup of proverbial tea (Get it? infused? tea? Boy, sleep deprivation is a wild ride!) I have to say, that performance puts the fear of God in this atheist's soul, not that I believe I have one.


Kevin Wolf said...

Grew up with Mr Preston's hits. Was a kid then and couldn't resist "Space Race." Still really like "Nothing from Nothing." Only later found out about his temp "fifth-Beatle" status.

Okay, now I dig out the Greatest Hits and give it a spin. Then add Concert for Bangladesh to the shopping list...

Ben said...

Yeah, "Space Race" is pretty damn irresistable, and far superior to "Outta Space," though that ain't a bad song. Just like "Nothing from Nothing" is miles above "Will It Go 'Round In Circles?" even though the latter is not half bad at all.