Friday, November 11, 2005

The Coolest Blog Ever Blug

In case you ever wondered what the best blog on the internet is, it is the following:
טאגבוך פון חיים טוביאס. It is in Yiddish, so I will translate a few entries, for the small minority of people who can't read Yiddish:


is very pretty with its various shapes and colors


It is cheap, easy, doesn't make you fat, and is satisfying and tasty

Toilet Paper

It is soft and cheap; I can clean myself properly with it and not bleed

The blogger in question is clearly a Hasidic Jew. Some have wondered if his simplicity is naive or deliberate; I lean towards the latter - though I think his childlike wonder is genuine, I think his strange poetic evocations of it reflect a high degree of sophistication, though quite possibly a homemade sophistication. While other Hasidic bloggers have tended towards dazzling displays of wit and knowledge, Chaim takes the opposite route, with charming and intriguing results.


the chocolate lady said...

oy! It's gone.

Ben said...

I know - a shame, isn't it? He's apparently switched to posting his thoughts as entries in the Yiddish Wikipedia, further enhancing the unique charm of said website. Here's a link to one of his entries:

Anonymous said...

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